Who we are
Innovators, Creative Wizards, Marketing Geniuses, Culture Operators

Hyphen Group is a leading fintech company in Greater Southeast Asia, reaching over 10 million monthly users and working with more than 220 financial institutions across six markets including Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

We use the power of innovation to build better futures for our customers, our people and our partners.

We previously went by the name of CompareAsiaGroup.

Our Values
We are only successful if we strive to live by our values. These aren't just lofty ideals but an integral part of our DNA.
Put people at the heart of everything we do
We believe being good isn’t good enough
It’s clear and simple: everyone has the right to a better financial future. That is why we get out of bed every morning. We don’t cut corners, we focus on the mission and we help our users build that future.
We believe in creating compelling connections
Exceptional experiences come from powerful and meaningful connections - connections that we build with empathy and care for our users.
Winning is a team sport
We believe in inspiring others and being our best selves
Only by bringing our best selves to everything can we inspire others to do the same - this is how we lead. Only together can we build nurturing, collaborative communities. Only by sharing the same goal and holding each other accountable can we reach new heights.
We believe our diversity makes us stronger
We celebrate our differences and allow every voice to be heard. Yet we remain honest and sincere with each other. This is how we will make a difference.
Blaze the trail
We believe imagination has no boundaries
We see ourselves as creators; constantly adapting to change and pushing the limits further than we originally thought possible.
We believe in driving fast but wearing a seat belt
We dare to think big but do it with a touch of common sense. We use data to break new ground but we don’t let the thirst for innovation cloud our judgment. We innovate for the user and not for our personal gain.
Corporate Leadership Team
Global experience, strategic insight and innovative thinking make the biggest impact
Sam Allen
Chief Executive Officer
Sam has over 20 years of experience in advising and leading operational transformation for finance and technology businesses. He previously was with KKR and McKinsey and joined Hyphen Group as Chief Executive Officer in 2016.
Shaun Kraft
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer
Shaun brings a wealth of financial management and strategic advisory experience to Hyphen Group as Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer. Before joining the team, he held senior positions at Perella Weinberg Partners in New York and CMCC Global in Hong Kong.
Prashant Aggarwal
President & Chief Commercial Officer
Prashant leads the sales and commercial strategy for Hyphen Group, working to drive growth for our businesses and our partners in his role as Chief Commercial Officer. Prior to joining Hyphen Group he held various leadership positions at Visa and American Express.
Shannon Murphy
Chief Technology Officer
Shannon brings decades of experience in data strategy, automation, devops and architecture strategy and has led multiple digital transformation efforts with global brands. Before joining Hyphen Group as Chief Technology Officer, Shannon was a senior technologist at AWS and CTO at AIG, AXIS, and ING.
Susie Vazquez
Chief Marketing Officer
Susie leads the marketing team at Hyphen Group and is responsible for developing and executing holistic brand and marketing strategy as our Chief Marketing Officer. Before joining the team, she was with Shangri-La Hotels and Nomura Hong Kong.
Kameel Vij
Head of People and Talent
Kameel is responsible for people, organisational development and employee engagement as Hyphen Group’s Head of People and Talent. Before joining Hyphen, she led recruitment teams at talent solutions provider Allegis Group.
Laura Hannon
General Counsel
Laura, our General Counsel, leads the team of legal and compliance professionals at Hyphen Group that advises our businesses on a wide range of topics such as product launches, partnership arrangements and strategic transactions. Prior to joining Hyphen Group, Laura worked in private practice at Maples and Calder, in Dublin, Ireland.
Ankur Jakhwal
Group Head of Rewards and Loyalty
Ankur leads Rewards & Loyalty business for Hyphen Group. Before joining Hyphen Group, he held senior leadership roles in retail financial services across MNC Banks, Large Corporates, SMEs & Start-ups (fintech & e-commerce). As a seasoned entrepreneur, he has successfully built, launched and operated fintech & e-commerce businesses in South Asia & SE Asian markets.
Thomas Kapeller
Group Head of Insurance
Thomas leads the insurance and insurtech arms of Hyphen’s businesses across our 6 markets. Thomas is dedicated to innovation, transparency and improving the efficiency of Insurance, all while giving back value to our consumers. Prior to joining, Thomas held a number of leadership roles in Digital Growth & Transformation in Asia, Europe and Oceania.
Rohith Murthy
Group General Manager, eKos_connect (Singapore)
As eKos_connect’s Group General Manager, Rohith leads the strategy and development of Hyphen’s SaaS arm. Prior to this role, Rohith was the General Manager of SingSaver and the Head of Growth for Standard Chartered’s digital banking venture.
Sandeep Krishnamani
Head of Global Accounts Management
Sandeep leads the regional relationships with banking providers for Hyphen Group. Sandeep is a Business Development and Go-to-Market Strategist with 15 + years of experience working in leadership roles for leaders in commercial payments, fintech and SaaS across 3 continents. He has built a reputation in developing strategies for new markets, forging customer relationships, driving business revenue in SaaS, financial services, and start-ups.
Nawaz Imam
Head of Commercial Strategy and Operation
Nawaz brings 15 years of global, top-tier financial services and tech leadership experience to Hyphen Group. Before joining the group, he worked across investment banking and asset management with Citi and J.P. Morgan in Europe, Emerging Markets and Asia, as well as having had startup senior management roles in the fintech space.
Business Leadership Team
An international team of leaders with decades of experience in business development, strategic partnerships and growing organisations
Jack Chu
General Manager, Money101 (Taiwan)
Jack leads our business in Taiwan as Money101’s General Manager. Before joining the team, he held leadership roles with MasterCard, UnionPay International and Citibank and developed new business and strategic partnerships for the Greater China region.
Shravan Thakur
General Manager, MoneyHero (Hong Kong)
Shravan leads our Hong Kong business as the General Manager for MoneyHero. Before joining the group, Shravan was with American Express where he spent the last 15 years in various leadership roles, the most recent one being Vice President - Business Development, China Management Team.
Ian Hutchinson
General Manager, SingSaver (Singapore)
Ian joined Hyphen Group in January 2017 and was General Counsel before transitioning to the role of Chief of Staff in mid-2019. Now, Ian leads SingSaver as its General Manager. Before joining Hyphen Group, he worked as a private practice corporate lawyer and also worked with Vodafone and the Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland.
Pearl Gonzales
Co-General Manager, Moneymax (the Philippines)
Pearl leads our Moneymax team in the Philippines as Co-General Manager, responsible for sales and operations. She has over 16 years of experience including prior leadership roles with iMoney and HSBC.
Munmun Nath
Co-General Manager, Moneymax (the Philippines)
Munmun joined Moneymax in 2017 and is Co-General Manager responsible for marketing and product. She has over 15 years of experience of working at technology companies in India, the UK, and Belgium, including IBM.
Eu Jin Voon
General Manager, MoneyGuru (Thailand) & CompareHero (Malaysia)
Eu Jin joined Hyphen Group in 2016 as Head of Business Development for our CompareHero brand in Malaysia. Currently, Eu Jin leads our MoneyGuru and CompareHero brands as their General Manager.
Kenneth Lou
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Seedly (Singapore)
Kenneth leads our Seedly business in Singapore, with the mission of helping users make smarter financial decisions with the right tools as Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in finance and a focus in technopreneurship.
Tee-Ming Chew
Co-Founder, Seedly (Singapore)
Tee-Ming leads the product & engineering teams at Seedly as Co-Founder of the business.. Before co-founding Seedly, he was an early employee of ShopBack and Pixlee. Tee-Ming graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in computer science and a focus in technopreneurship.
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